Problem IT Plus

Problem IT Plus is an IMO-designed solution that integrates the patient’s existing history, IMO’s Intelligent Problem List, and IMO terminology for a best-practice user experience for problem and diagnosis management.

Why Problem IT Plus?

  • More streamlined and intuitive workflows
  • New tools for Problem List management
  • Improved HCC tracking
  • Integration options within your EHR

How can Problem IT Plus help my organization?

  • Optimize reimbursement by tracking HCCs in both Assessment History and the Problem List
  • Ensure optimal specificity of ICD-10 coding
  • Intelligently prompt providers with unaddressed HCCs
  • Improve provider efficiency and satisfaction with IPL’s categorized view of the Problem List
  • Future-proof your coding by capturing and leveraging the IMO Lexical ID
  • Simplify maintenance of your providers’ favorites lists

What is Included?

  • IMO Search portal with new Advanced Search pages and ICD-10 Widget
  • IMO’s Intelligent Problem List
  • IMO-powered Favorites List
  • Improved HCC tracking
  • Single-click workflows
  • Tools for Problem List Management

Interested in a demo?

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