IMO Precision Sets

Powers precise care that unlocks new value

Why IMO Precision Sets?

IMO Precision Sets is a robust value set solution that continuously defines the inclusion or exclusion of specific patient cohorts to help healthcare providers inform quality reporting, support better clinical decision making and understand patient populations. Continuously curated and maintained by a dedicated team of clinical terminologists, IMO Precision Sets leverages our industry-leading clinical interface terminology offering (Problem IT) and proprietary tooling that far exceeds the capabilities of typical spreadsheet-generated solutions.

IMO Precision Sets helps:

Power precise care by

  • Ensuring sets are always current and clinically valid
  • Supporting accurate care decisions in high-risk patient populations
  • Reducing false positives/negatives with content specific to each condition

Create new value by

  • Transforming the EHR into a source of actionable patient insights
  • Freeing clinicians to practice medicine rather than authoring and maintaining value sets
  • Driving more efficient clinical decision making

Mitigate risk by

  • Reducing false negatives/positives which may lead to malpractice exposure
  • Enabling accurate reporting to maximize reimbursements
  • Bolstering hospitals’ reputations in their communities

IMO Precision Sets Offerings

IMO Precision Sets accurately aggregate pre-defined patient cohorts, however, customized sets can also be readily identified through collaboration with IMO experts. The following are currently available:

IMO Precision Oncology Sets
An oncology management solution for accreditation, clinical staging, and patient cohort registry.
IMO Precision Behavioral Health Sets
A solution for substance use issues (opioid, alcohol) and mental health.
IMO Precision Periop Sets
A solution for pre-surgical and post-surgical risk and problem management.
IMO Precision Reporting Sets
A solution that efficiently aggregates third party value sets needed for regulatory reporting.
IMO Precision Acute Condition Sets
An acute care management set for patients with an urgent medical condition.
IMO Precision Chronic Condition Sets
A chronic care management set for patients with ongoing care management needs.

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